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1 December 2011Our first major RFID project goes live.
The project involved tagging 2500 beer kegs with RFID tags to enable tracking of items using Intermec CN3/IP30 RFID readers.
8 October 2008

New Zealand Businesses are Losing up to Five Percent of their Profits each Year, as a Result of Undercharging.
‘New Zealand businesses are chronic underchargers. It is much more common than overcharging, especially with SMEs,’ says Keith Mackenzie, managing director of Software Associates. ‘Lost dockets, a lack of standardised billing and bad management of paperwork can all lead to business owners not charging as much as they should.’

14 July 2008 Software Associates Breaks into Australian Export Market with Wireless Barcode Scanning System for Warehouses
The solution utilises the dcLINK wireless data capture system from Software Associates strategic partner, Data Systems International (DSI). A pivotal step was integrating dcLINK with IDA’s comprehensive business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX. Both products are well established globally, however integrating the two was a world first, using technology developed by Software Associates.

16 June 2008 Software Associates Designes Warehouse RF Automation System for Independent Distillers Group
Independent Distillers Australia, a major manufacturer and worldwide distributor of alcoholic beverages, has implemented a Software Associates warehouse management system at its facilities in Melbourne and Sydney.

5 May 2008 Right Software Can Help Businesses In Downturn
Software Associates IT Developer Says That The Right Software Can Help Businesses Survive An Economic Downturn.
1 Feb 2008 Software Associates Launches JobPro Software
JobPro is an intuitive, easy to use Job Management software solution. JobPro can be configured to match the work flow of a large range of businesses. JobPro is scalable to the extent it is economic for businesses from 1 to 10,000 employees.
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